Turkish Machinery (Machinery Exporters Association - MAİB), has participated in WIN EURASIA Hybrid held under the theme of "Industrial Transformation" between 9-13 November 2021 with both advertisements and B2B delegations. Physically 467 firms and digitally 80 firms from 16 countries have attended the Turkey’s first industrial hybrid fair and the number of visitors reached 30,728 from 78 countries. Domestic visitors also show great interest in the fair and by the courtesy of the collaboration between chamber of industry and trade, federations and trade organizations Anatolian delegations from 30 cities participated in the fair.

Synchronously with WIN Eurasia, Turkish Machinery organized a trade delegation by the coordination of the Ministry of Trade with 13 participant firms from 11 countries. Beside the trade delegation, the President of the Association of Kazakhstan Machinery Industry (AKMI) and accompanying Kazakh delegation held meetings with firms and associations hosted by MAKFED and MAİB.

On the other hand, in the presence of Mr. Hasan Büyükdede (Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology) and Mr. İsmail Gülle (the Chairman of Turkish Exporters’ Assembly-TİM),  MAİB, MAKFED and TRTEST have signed a cooperation protocol, “Turqum (Turkish Quality of Machinery)”.

The fair will be open for digital visitors till 20th of November 2021.