The Twin Transition Project in the Machinery Sector, which is carried out under the coordination of our association was selected as one of the best practice examples by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Turkiye and was awarded at the 6th Clustering Conference. The Award was presented to the Chairman Kutlu Karavelioğlu by The Minister of Trade Prof. Dr. Ömer Bolat on February 15, 2024. 


The event started with the Minister of Trade Prof. Dr. Ömer BOLAT's opening speech. Minister Bolat underlined that a total of 619 projects have been realized within the scope of the UR-GE Program, which has been successfully continuing for 14 years, and 187 projects are still actively continuing, noting that clustering projects contribute to both the development of companies and the export of our country. After Minister Bolat's speech, the event continued with the presentation of awards to 14 projects that are selected as best practices in their scope. 
The event continued with Dr. Sertaç Doğanay’s presentation of ”Sustainability: Green and Digital Transformation" which drew attention to the current developments in the field of sustainability around the world.
In the afternoon, panels were held where the success stories of the projects selected as examples of best practices were shared. At the first panel, Machinery Exporters’ Association Deputy Chairman Sevda Kayhan Yılmaz made a presentation on the Twin Transition Project in the Machinery Sector and detailed information was shared about the activities carried out within the scope of the project.


After the panels, a session on improvement suggestions for the UR-GE Program was held and the event was concluded.