Turkish Machinery participated in ACHEMA 2015 which was held in 15-19 June in Frankfurt/Germany with an 48 m² info stand.
31 Turkish Machinery Companies had placed with their booth in the fair.
Turkish Machinery advertisements took place at entrance of the fair as illuminated boards and as banners at outside area at fair. In addition to that there were Turkish Machinery advertisements on taxi 100 doors in city. In Turkish Machinery booth, Machinery Exporters Union’s and sectoral associations’ catalogue, CD, USB and flyer about Turkish Machinery Companies’ production and booth number information were distrubuted to the visitors.
Turkish Pump & Valve Manufacturers’ Association (POMSAD), Boiler and Pressure Vessel Industry Association (KBSB) and The Association Of Vehicle and On-Vehicle Equipment and Work Machines (ARÜSDER) took place with Turkish Machinery Group’s booth to provide information to visitors about their sectors.
In addition, The Commercial Attaches of Frankfurt Gülay TARAKÇIO─×LU, The Commercial Attaches of Hannover Kudret CERAN visited Turkish Machinery booth.