Turkish Machinery was in Cemat Fair between 31 May-3 June, 2016 in Hannover. Cemat’s exhibit were in five categories, logistics IT, manage & service, move & lift, empack & label and print, store & load. 28 Turkish companies attended the fair which is held once in 2 years period. Turkey’s Commercial Councellor Ruhi DENİZ and Turkish Machinery Board Member Sevda Kayhan YILMAZ visited Turkish companies at the fair.
Sectoral associations, Association of Manufacturers Union of Vehicles, On-Vehicle Equipments and Work Machine (ARÜSDER), Türkiye Construction Equipment Distributors & Manufacturers Association (İMDER) and Electrical Crane Manufacturers Association (TEVİD) attended the fair in Turkish Machinery’s booth. Materials Handling, Storage & Industrial Equipment Association of Turkey (İSDER) attended the fair in a seperate booth.
Turkish Machinery captured visitors attention by advertisement at shuttles, skyboards and advertising towers. Additionally, flyers including Turkish company’s information were distributed to the visitors.