Turkish Machinery Group announces that they will participate in Tehran International Industry Exhibition (TIIE) between 5-8 October, 2016. This will be the first time Turkish Machinery Group attends a fair in Iran. 7 sectoral associations will also participate in the fair with the support of Turkish Machinery Group. The associations are:
Turkish Fluid Power Association (AKDER)
The Association of Vehicle and On-Vehicle Equipment and Work Machines (ARUSDER)
Industrial Automation Manufacturers’ Association (ENOSAD)
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Industry Association (KBSB)
Association of Turkish Machine Manufacturers (MIB)
Turkish Pump and Valve Manufacturers’ Association (POMSAD)
The Turkish Association of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers (TARMAKBIR)
Turkish Machinery Group’s Board Members went a business trip to Tehran with the aim of increasing business relations between two countries in December 2015. Iran Import Association, Ministry Of Mine and Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, Tehran, Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture were some of the crucial organizations that The Board met. This time Board Member Ms. Sevda Kayhan YILMAZ will be in Tehran to create more intimate economic relations and to introduce Turkish machinery sector to Iran market.
Adnan Dalgakiran, Chairman of Turkish Machinery Group stated that Iran has a special meaning among our neighbour countries in terms of economy and culture. Iran, one of the most effective countries together with Turkey and Indonesia within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, has an important cooperation potential for our country. However it is difficult to say that commercial relations between two countries have developed in a rate it deserves until recent years. In the current situation we can say that Iran market still accommodates new opportunities for us and mutual trade has great potential.
Machinery Sector takes the second biggest share of Turkey’s export to Iran
Dalgakiran, indicating that machinery sector takes the biggest share in Iran’s import. (HS code:84) Emphasizing that enhancing business relations between Turkey and Iran, which is one of the growing power in the Middle East, Iran takes the 6th place in Turkey’s machinery export with 430 million $.
The most preferred Turkish machinery in the Iran
Motors, valves, construction machines, air conditioners and cooling machines, pumps and compressors, machine tools, roller and foundry machines, food industry machines and textile machines have the largest share of the machinery export to Iran which is the strategic market for the Turkish Machinery Sector.
Turkish Machinery Sector has a 10% share of the total Turkey’s export volume
With a 10% share of the total Turkey export volume, the Machinery Sector is one of the fastest growing sectors within the Turkish economy. Being the 6th largest machinery manufacturer in Europe, Turkey exported nearly 14 billion dollars in 2015. EU countries and the US are the leading export markets for the Turkish Machinery Sector exporting to approximately 200 countries around the globe.
Turkish Machinery Group
Turkish Machinery Group was established by Machinery Exporter’s Association (MAIB) in 2007. MAIB is the only Association in Turkey in which machinery exporters are represented. MAIB originated in 2002 to coordinate all activities to ensure export growth in the sector. The Association currently has 8,000 Turkish machinery members. Turkish machinery members follow the European Union and international standards and norms, and the majority of them have the “CE” mark on their products.