Turkish Machinery Group participated in India Itme which was held between 3-8 December 2016, in Mumbai. Ali Rıza OKTAY; Head of Department of Ministry of Economy, Kutlu KARAVELIOGLU; Vice Chairman of Turkish Machinery Group, Sevda Kayhan YILMAZ and Mehmet AGRIKLI; Board Members of Turkish Machinery Group, Adil NALBANT; President of TEMSAD (Textile Machinery and Accesories Manufacturers Association) attended the fair.
INDIA ITME has been organized every four years till 1980 and in 2016 approximately 150.000 people visited the fair.
16 Turkish companies participated the fair with a booth except Turkish Machinery Group and TEMSAD. Turkish Machinery Group gave advertisement in the fair ground and organized a dinner event in cooperation with TEMSAD. While General Consulate of Turkey in Mumbai Erdal Sabri ERGEN, Turkish Trade Counsellor Salih ÜNVER, Head of Indian Textile Machinery Manufacturers Association (ITAMMA and TMMA) Rector of Bangladesh Textile University, Head of INDIA ITME Society participated the dinner, 100 people from Turkish and Indian companies attended the organization. Mr. AGRIKLI, Mr. NALBANT and Mr. ERGEN made the welcome speech emphasizing the developing relationship between Turkey and India.
Turkish Machinery Group also had a meeting with Textile Minister of Karnataka at the fair.