Agritechnica, the world’s largest fair of agricultural machinery and equipment, is preparing to host Turkish Machinery manufacturers. 108 Turkish companies in addition to the “Turkish Machinery (Machinery Exporters’ Association)” are participating in the fair, in which 2,900 participants from 52 countries will come together in Hannover, Germany.
Agricultural machinery representatives are meeting in Hannover to discuss the smart agricultural machinery that will determine the future vision of agriculture, and the targets for a green future. Turkey’s machinery manufacturers will be the star of the fair, where the concepts of Green Future and Smart Technology will be addressed. Turkey’s machinery manufacturers, who export agricultural machinery worth more than 750 million dollars to some 120 countries every year, will develop new partnerships in Hannover.
The President of the Machinery Exporters’ Association, Mr. Adnan Dalgakıran, underlining that the contacts to be developed in Hannover will strengthen all business partners in the sector of agricultural machinery, has noted the following:
“As “Turkish Machinery”, we have the issues of sustainable agriculture, green future, and technology on our agenda as in the rest of the world. Today, we are discussing the concept of Agriculture 3.0, where quality rather than quantity comes to the fore in agriculture. In Agriculture 3.0, agricultural machinery and tractors become smaller and are equipped with drones, satellites, and sensors. These instruments which we call smart agricultural machinery save energy and labour while promoting sustainable agriculture. We think that we will develop important partnerships in Germany, which is the largest exporter of the agricultural machinery sector across the world. We believe that these contacts will create significant windows for long-term strategic manufacturing and for opening new markets to our exporters.”
“We will continue to be a reliable business partner”
Stating that Turkey’s machinery manufacturers are given priority in the international markets, Mr Dalgakıran has emphasized the following: “The Turkish machinery sector, the sixth largest machinery manufacturer in Europe, exports products and services to 200 countries across the world. The main characteristics of the Turkish machinery manufacturers that make them preferred in the international markets are the young, dynamic and trained workforce of the sector, its products being in the desired quantity and quality and at competitive prices, and its professional concept of work regarding timely delivery. We will strengthen our relations with Germany, one of our main target markets, and continue to move forward our mission of reliable business partner.”
This year “Turkish Machinery” will host its visitors at Hall 27, Stand D19. The attendees desiring to reach Turkish manufacturers and exporters in Agritechnica 2017 are invited to visit “Turkish Machinery” stand.
About Turkish Machinery (Machinery Exporters’ Association)
It is the only Exporters’ Association in Turkey in which machinery exporters are represented. Having started its activities in 2002, the Association coordinates all activities to ensure the growth of exports in the sector, to promote the machinery sector more effectively at home and abroad and developing the perception of Turkish Machinery. With this aim, “Turkish Machinery” participates in international fairs, organizes delegations, and holds promotion campaigns.  9.000 machinery exporters are members of the Association. /